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  • SIAM, Society for Industrial and Applied Math
  • CRSC, Center Research in Scientific Computation
  • IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
  • Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society

  • Recent Invited Talks & Presentations


    2014 Interplanetary Small Satellite Conference, "A Concept for a Constellation of CubeSats at the Lunar Lagrangian Point (LL1) for radio aperture interferometry measurements: network analysis and simulation" and "On the Formation of a CubeSat Constellation at the Earth-Moon L1 Libration Point," Caltech, Pasadena, California, April 2014


    2014 IEEE Aerospace Engineering Conference, "Replenishing the Mars Relay Network" and "Link Analysis for Space Communication Links Using ARQ Protocol," Big Sky, Montana, March 2014


    2014 Joint Mathematics Meetings, "Cancer Screening Using Biomimetic Pattern Recognition with Hyper-Dimensional Planar Structures," Baltimore, Maryland, January 2014


    26th Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium, Santa Clara, California, January 2014


    2013 SACNAS National Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October 2013


    2008 Department Colloquium, "Feature Extraction and its Applications in Satellite Imaging, Cancer Detection, and Stock Return Maximization," CSUF, Oct 2008


    2008 The 59th International Astronautical Congress, "Optimal Ground Station Coverage for Crew Launch Vehicle in Low Earth Orbits," Glasgow, Scotland, Sept 2008


    2008 Conference on Numerical Methods in Finance, "Adaptive Algorithms in Maximizing the Overall Stock Return," Udine, Italy, June 2008


    2008, CSUF 50th Anniversary in Celebration of Research "On the Optimal Extension of Ground Network Stations to Support NASA’s Lunar Exploration, CSUF, March 14, 2008


    2008 IEEE Aerospace Engineering Conference, "On the Optimal Extension of Ground Network Stations to Support NASA’s Lunar Exploration," Big Sky, Montana, March 2008


    2008 IEEE Aerospace Engineering Conference, "Communication-centric Spacecraft Design Optimization Tool and its Application to the Lunar Relay Satellite Design," Big Sky, Montana, March 2008


    2007 World Congress on Bioengineering, "Feature Extraction Techniques on DNA Microarray Data for Cancer Detection," Bangkok, Thailand, July 2007

    2005 International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Conference, “Cancer Detection Using Component Analysis Methods on DNA Microarray,” Singapore, Dec 2005.

    2005 Second International Conference on Abstract and Applied Analysis, “Proper Orthogonal Decomposition and Disease Detection,” QuyNhon, Jun 2005.

    2005 IEEE Aerospace Engineering Annual Conference, Space Mission Design: Technological Requirements and Orbit Selection (Mar. 9, 2005), Big Sky, Montana


    2005 IEEE Aerospace Engineering Annual Conference, Design Optimization Tools, Methods, and Processes (Mar. 6, 2005) Big Sky, Montana


    2004 NASA Administrator Fellowship Program Regional Awareness Day, Orbit
    Design using Global Maps of Telecom Metrics,
    (Oct. 2004)
    CSU Fullerton, California

    2004 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Annual Conference,
    A DNA-based Pattern Recognition Technique in Cancer Detection, (Aug. 2004) San Francisco, California

    2004 International Conference on Computational & Mathematical Methods in Science & Engineering, Tractable Disease Detection Using DNA Microarray Data, (Jun. 2004) Angstrom Laboratory, Uppsala, Sweden

    2003 Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics Annual Meeting, Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis, (Jul. 2003) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    2003 Los Alamos National Laboratory Annual Meeting, Network - Dynamics and Structure, (May 2003) Santa Fe, New Mexico

    2002 International Congress on Biological and Medical Engineering, the Bio-Era: New Frontiers, New Challenges, (Dec. 2002) Stamford, Singapore.
    "Outstanding Research Paper Award"


    2002 World Space Congress, Space-Ops Conference, Design and Architecture of the Mars Relay Network Planning and Analysis Framework, (Oct. 2002) Houston, Texas


    2002 UC Berkeley, Radio Astronomy Laboratory, Rapid Prototyping Array, (Jun. 2002) Berkeley, California


    2002 IEEE Aerospace Engineering Annual Conference, Communications- Navigation (Mar. 10, 2002), Mission Ops Concepts and Technologies (Mar. 14, 2002) Big Sky, MT


    2001 Claremont Graduate University, Reduced-Order Feedback Control for Fluid Thin Film Flows, (Nov. 2001) Department Colloquium, Mathematics, Claremont, California


    2001 Society for Industrial & Applied Mathematics - Control & its Applications, Nonlinear Intelligent Material Systems & Structures (Jul. 2001) San Diego, California.


    2001 International Conference on Optimization and Optimal Control, Reduced-Order Modeling & Feedback Control (Jun. 2001) Tainan, Taiwan.


    2001 Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Analytic Methods for Infinite-dimensional Dynamics Systems (May 2001) Snowbird, Utah.


    2000 Military Communications Conference MILCOM 2000, Commercial PCS SATCOM (Oct. 2000) Los Angeles, California.


    2000 Conference on Future Directions for Distributed Parameter Systems, Proper Orthogonal Decomposition & its Applications, (Oct. 2000), Raleigh, North Carolina.


    2000 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Annual Meeting, Advances in Optimal Flow Control (Jul. 2000) San Juan, Puerto Rico.


    2000 Special Research Center on Optimization and Control - Principal Orthogonal Decomposition and its Applications Workshop (May 25, 2000) Graz, Austria.


    1999 NASA Langley Research Center The Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (Feb 1999) Hampton, Virginia.


    1998 Conference on Computation and Control, Computation and Control (Aug 1998) Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.


    1998 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Annual Meeting, Advances in Optimal Flow Control (Jul. 1998) Jacksonville, Florida.


    1998 Duke University, Temporal Response of Magnetorheological Fluids, (Apr. 1998) Department of Mathematics Seminar, Durham, North Carolina.


    1998 Los Alamos National Laboratory, Reduced-Order Modeling and Feedback Control for Chemical Vapor Decomposition Reactors, (Feb 1998) Center for Nonlinear Sciences, Los Alamos, New Mexico.