Research Areas
Computational Applied Mathematics
Modeling and Simulation
Reduced-Order Methods
Optimal and Feedback Control
Resource Allocation Planning & Scheduling 
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Smart Materials and Structures

Current Projects

NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Cal Tech, Pasadena, California
  * Fast Signal Combining for Large Antenna Arrays 
  * Relay Scheduling for Mars Communications 
Aerospace Corporation, El Segundo, California
  * Diversified Communications 
  * Predistorted High-Power Amplifier
  * Satellite Radio Frequency Interference 
Center Research in Sci. Computation, NCSU 
  * Feedback Control for Liquid Film Flows 

Projects with CSUF Students & Faculty

1. Observation-based Modeling and Optimal Control Using Proper Orthogonal Depcomposition Method
2. Link-Driven Planning and Scheduling for a Satellite Communication Network
3. Neonatal Jaundice - Mathematical Model & Treatments
4. Three Dimensional Boundary Element Method for Magnetorheological Fluids
5. Rapid Detection Schemes for Planetary Occultations